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How to prepare English for IBPS PO exam? Preparation Tips

Dear Aspirants,

IBPS PO exam is going to be held soon. For the preparation, one needs a proper study plan to clear the sectional cutoff and score well in the exam.

English is considered a scoring subject by many candidates while some find it hard to solve this section. Here we are going to share some preparation tips that will help you to clear the cutoff and score well in English section.

IBPS PO English Preparation: Exam Pattern

In the IBPS PO, preliminary exam English section consists of 30 questions while in the main exam is includes 40 questions to be solved in 30 minutes. There is negative marking of the .25 marks.

Candidates should not spend more than 15 minutes in English section. English section in the IBPS PO exam comprises following topics:
  • Reading comprehension
  • Error finding
  • Para Jumble
  •  Sentence improvement
  • Cloze test

Above mention, topics are important as questions asked in above format. The no. of questions asked are as follows:

No. of Questions
Reading comprehension

Error finding

Para Jumble

Sentence improvement

Cloze test


IBPS PO English preparation

For the English preparation, you should learn the basic grammar rules. Question from all the topics is somehow related to the grammar rule.

It doesn’t mean you need to learn the entire grammar rule but you should be aware of that. The grammar consists tense, article, part of speech, preposition, conjunction, phrases etc.

English is a language; you can’t learn it in a day. You need to keep reading more n more English books, novel, watch movies and news. Follow the topic wise preparation tips are given below for the IBPS PO English preparation:

Preparation tips for reading comprehension:

  • Candidates should have the reading speed for RC section. As the old saying practice makes man perfect. Read the newspaper to improve the reading speed. 
  • As the exam will be online you should read the questions first. When you read the question then go through the passage.
  • Generally, passage given in RC is related to the politics, banking, economy and social issues.
  • Find the synonyms and antonyms in the passage and try to relate it to its meaning then answer correctly.
  • Keep the time limit in mind and don’t spend too much time on a single question.

Preparation tips for Error Finding:

  • In this section, candidates need to find the error in the given sentence.
  • To solve this section candidates need to deal with grammar rule and should be aware that how the sentence can be made.
  • Practice the exercise to improve error finding section.

Preparation tips for Para-jumble:

  • First read all the sentences and analyze them.
  • Find out the first sentence by common activity based logic that which event is done first.
  • Try to connect the sentence based on the articles, conjunctions, pronoun, and adjective.

Preparation tips for sentence improvement:

  • Understand the meaning of the sentence. If you understand the meaning you can predict the sentence improvement from the options.
  • Knowledge of some basic rules with connecting words, conjunction will help to form a sentence correctly.

Preparation tips for Cloze test

  • This section is easiest to solve. You can use elimination process for cloze test.
  • To solve cloze test read the passage thoroughly then while filling up the blanks, eliminate the option which can’t answer.
  • Link the sentence with next sentence to understand the meaning and choose the correct option accordingly.

Some important tips for IBPS PO preparation:

  • You can refer school level books to learn the basic grammar rules to enhance the basic knowledge.
  • Read the editorial page of English newspaper, especially The Hindu. Editorial section uses new word, idioms, and phrases.
  • Learn new words use a dictionary if you don’t know the meaning.
  • Solve previous year question paper and analyze that how much time you are taking and where you need improvement.
  • Practice is the only solution to improve the English, there is no shortcut. Practice with old question paper, test series or mock test.

All the best!!

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