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How Question Papers will be Helpful to Qualify the UGC NET Exam?

No matter how many time you have studied the theoretical chapters, there is no other option of practice. And if the competition is of the national level you need to work that way to be in the race and to reach the destination.

If we talk about the UGC NET, it is the national level exam which is conducted to determine the eligibility for the assistant professor and junior research fellowship award.

The selected candidates will be awarded a certificate which will make them eligible to apply for lectureship in any national institute and for research in the associated laboratories.

But the question is how can one crack the UGC NET 2018 Exam and how the previous year papers and questions can help to prepare for the exam?

Let’s find it out!

How Question Papers can Help in Preparation?

You must be thinking that how the questions can help to prepare the NET exam?

Here, we are going to discuss all about the question papers that can help to score well in the exam.
The UGC NET Exam consists two papers as follows:

Paper- 1: It is conducted to check the general aptitude intelligence and teaching ability of the candidates. It is common for all the subject. It consists 50 questions of 100 marks for 1 hour.

Paper- 2: It consists specific subject related objective type questions in the exam. It has 100 questions of 200 marks to be solved in 2 hours.
To ace, the exam in the first attempt, practice the questions papers as much as you can. The question papers include previous year papers, sample question papers, model test papers and mock tests. Solving the questions will help you to crack the exam in many ways.

Check the blog below to know more about the advantages of question papers.

Improve Time Management Skills with UGC NET Question Papers

While solving the question papers you will learn that which topic you should attempt first and how much time you should give to the particular questions. With regular practice, you will get a fair idea about the management of the time duration in the exam.

Know the Important Topics

The syllabus for the NET exam is vast and it is not possible to cover each and every topic in last months. Solving previous year questions will let you know the type of questions asked in the exam.
You will get a fair idea about the important topics asked frequently in the exam, while solving the papers.

Get Familiar with Exam Pattern

Solving the previous year papers or sample questions will give you an idea about the UGC NET Exam Pattern. You will know the difficulty level of the questions asked in the exam.

The Exam pattern that you will understand consists mode of the exam, no. of questions, marks distribution and the time duration of the exam.

Knowing the exam pattern before the exam will help you to easily understand the papers in the exam hall. It will help you to stay familiar and solve the questions accordingly as the paper will be familiar to you.

Apart from above, there are some more advantages of solving the question papers as follows:

  • The practice of question paper will improve your speed and accuracy which are the important aspects to crack any exam.

  • You can know that where you stand in preparation? Solve the mock test according to exam pattern and analyze your marks.

  • Due to the exam fear many students could not able to solve the paper efficiently. To overcome this situation you should solve the question papers. It will boost your confidence level in the exam.

Solving the question paper is like sharpening your axe before starting to cutting down a tree. To solve the sample papers and previous year UGC NET question papers is important to crack the exam.

Hope the blog will be helpful to understand the role of the question papers in the UGC NET Exam preparation to score well and crack the exam.

All the best!!

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